What a great ride we’ve had! Thanks to your generous contributions we have almost reached our goal!  We are now preparing to teach Transcendental Meditation to our first group of women in Northern Uganda, working alongside our newest partner—Merciful Doctors International, headed by Dr. Lutamaguzi Ibrahim.

Today, we want to introduce you to Judith Nassali, National Director of African Women and Girls Organization-Uganda, the TM women’s organization in Uganda, and her team of teachers.

Meet Judith Nassali
In Uganda, the challenges facing women are very great—75% of women live in poverty, and education and maternal care are critical issues, especially in rural areas. Judith Nassali is one of the great souls devoting her life to help the women and girls in her country to overcome stress and the challenges they face.

From Judith…
As a young woman just finishing my studies, my direction in life wasn’t clear. I had graduated with a business degree, but it was so challenging figuring out how to balance my personal life as a mother of two children, with anything outside me. Even finding work was a challenge, and this resulted in just being unproductive. 

I was fortunate one day to be invited to a “Stress Management Lecture” for women on Transcendental Meditation. I thought that if millions of people around the world could have benefits from TM so could I! I decided to learn TM, and that turned out to be the best decision I could have ever made.

Immediate benefits For the first time in my life I felt connected to something deep inside myself, and I could feel myself start to change in so many ways.  I became more clear-minded and intelligent, I was getting along better with others, and I was more energetic and happy. Thankfully, TM also helped me be a more patient and understanding mother—better able to balance all parts of my life, and become more clear about the way forward.

A new direction I felt that I was ready to take on more responsibility and wanted to do something to serve others. I decided to become a TM teacher to give this gift to the women and girls of Uganda. After completing my TM Teacher Training Course in Thailand, it was so deeply rewarding to teach the most vulnerable women in our area. The changes in their lives were dramatic. They enjoyed the same benefits from TM that I had; they were now part of the millions of people from around the world!  They loved that connection.  I knew I had made a career decision that soared beyond anything I could have dreamt of before becoming a teacher. 

Our organization grew… as the National Director for our women’s TM organization, my dream is coming true—we have an active TM women’s center and our team of teachers work with government agencies, schools, the nurses union, and women’s empowerment groups.  We have TM clubs for children, we host special advanced meetings for women and speak at high level conferences about TM.  I’m proud to say, that we are always the most unique presentation at these events! Most importantly, we are respected and sought after from within our community…truly a dream coming true.

Meet our TM teachers

Judith and her Team

Kiconco Night

Nassali Teddy

Nkaga Dede Manoka


Nankya Grace

Acom Sarah


With your generous support, we are ready to move forward to launch a new women’s empowerment project in Northern Uganda, unquestionably the most stressed region of our country.  These women are waiting a bit impatiently to learn TM and offering what little resources they have to help pay for their TM fee. Your contribution will take us over the finish line and help us change the individual lives of these women, AND also create another powerful group of women meditators in the country—I can’t wait to get started!

Help us reach our goal of $5000 this week. A donation of $10 today will be DOUBLED by a generous donor!!!

THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP — we look forward to sharing the success!