24 Hours of Happiness

Occasionally a new great song comes around that captivates me. Pharrell William's 2013 song "Happy" is one of those. It is infectious and immediately makes you feel happy; as a result it has taken the world by storm. The song currently has over 595 million views on...

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Educating Girls in Uganda

Uganda, like most countries in Africa, has experienced drought, famine, war, political instability, human rights violations, an AIDS epidemic, and extreme poverty. Providing higher education for Ugandan girls is especially critical, as research has shown that when...

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Educating the Self: First Things First

Self-improvement and empowerment organizations are playing a dominant role in redefining our goals and expanding our vision for living a life of fulfillment. Research is starting to track this shift; an interesting study reported in the New York Times describes an...

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